What is Tai Chi?

When you think of “Tai Chi,” do you picture slow martial arts-style movements? There’s more than meets the eye. 

The Chinese word Tai Chi (Taegeuk in Korean) actually refers to the balance of vital energy in Nature and in all living things. The principles of Tai Chi (yin/yang in Chinese, yang/um in Korean) are applied in all East Asian healing arts and many of the martial arts forms, including meditative “healing martial arts” movements. 

According to the principles of Tai Chi, a balanced flow of physical and emotional energy is the foundation for optimal wellness, including healthy immunity. Through Tai Chi practice, you can create a cool, calm feeling in your brain and a warm, strong energy in your core, leading to greater health, happiness, and peace. We think you’ll love this refreshing Tai Chi experience! 


What you will learn

In this class, Master David will explain the basic concepts of Korean Tai Chi, and guide you through some simple exercises and movements. You can learn:


How Tai Chi can help support your immunity by activating, circulating, and accumulating energy


How to improve your physical strength, flexibility and balance


How to develop greater body awareness and energy sensitivity through mindful movement


How to develop better focus and a calmer mind


How to achieve a sense of peace and happiness by connecting your body with your mind.

About the Trainer

David Driscoll has been teaching Body & Brain and Brain Education for 15 years. He manages the YouTube channel Body & Brain TV - look for his popular video classes there. He is also co-host of Brain Masterz- A User’s Manual for the Brain, a light-hearted collaboration with Master Minjae Kim.

Tai Chi Online Class

Balance Your Energy to Support Your Immunity!

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